Orkut Bookmark URL format

Orkut is one of the most popular community sites. We can share the some good post link with for friends too. So add Orkut Bookmark link in your site. So, if any user click on that, it will sent the URL link with title to Orkut with confirm for share with friends.

Format to create Orkut Bookmark URL in your site :-
http://promote.orkut.com/preview?nt=orkut.com&tt=[Title]&du=[Link URL]
example :-

Naga Harish.

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  • http://www.mapsd.com.br Alexandre Broggio ( Brasil )

    tutorial was that I wanted thanks ^_^

  • http://pedro0junior.wordpress.com psantannajr

    I got through the whole internet trying to find this!!!

    you know, sometimes google doesn’t help

    here in Brazil Orkut is very popular, more than Twitter or Facebook

    thanks so much!

    • Naga Harish

      Hi, Thanks for your nice comment on this post.

  • http://www.blunethost.com blunethost

    Orkut is the best social network for me