Creating web template in Kentico CMS

Creating web template in Kentico CMS with video

In post I am going to show we can re use site template. that we want to use our current site created with Kentico CMS as a web template, so that we can use it as a starting point for developing new sites. Please check with this image, you will get idea.

Kentico cms developer web site template
Kentico cms developer web site template

Video and steps :-

You can get details in Kentico CMS developer guide too, please check with this URLs — To export the site — To add in ketioco cms default web template list


1) Please follow the step to export site template.
2) Then copy the Zip folder from the [root 1]/CMSSiteUtils/Export/[Name].zip and then paste that Zip folder in to [root 2]/App_Data/Templates/[Site Template Name] then unzip it. (For e.g. [root 2]/App_Data/Templates/[Site Template Name]/Data/…)

Folder layout kentico cms developer

3) Login as administrator and go to CMSSiteManager > Development Tab > Web templates.
4) There create new web template and Web template folder: link to the ~/App_Data/Templates/[Site Template Name] folder.
5) Then go to sites Tab. Click on New site wizard.
6) Select “Use web site template”, then next.
7) You can see the new site template in that list. Then follow the steps.

Please take care of security permissions.

I hope this is helpful for you. If any better way is there please let me know.

Enjoy while coding..!

Naga Harish.

  • Jasper

    Hi Harish,
    Thanks a lot for sharing, I am very new to kentoco can u plz share how to modify the existing site??


    • Naga Harish Movva

      Hi Jasper,
      I am happy to share things with you! But, I can help you how much I know, ask you Q?. I will try to help you.


      • Jasper

        Thanks a lot Harish,
        I have good idea in DNN so I hope kentico will not be more complicated… I need to implement a new site with my customized layout… can you plz help

        • Naga Harish Movva

          Wow!, you know DNN. Then you can rock in Kentico CMS. I don’t know Much about DNN. I just setup it once, I didn’t play with it.
          I will help you to create web site in kentico CMS site with your own styles. But, I can’t put full steps as just comments. I will try to send links to you HOTMAIL account. But don’t forget, you have to send some links about DNN development starting from basic.
          I hope your from Tamil Nadu, India. I am right?

      • Jasper

        As we both are in Chennai If you are interested even we can have phone conversation

      • Jasper

        Again thanks a lot Harish, for sure I can help you with DNN. I know it’s tough to spoon feeding…. All the steps as just commend will really helpful…. Expecting your mail…

      • Jasper

        It’s just a guess… I saw your office website so I thought you might be in Chennai… I am sorry

        • Naga Harish Movva

          Great guess, it shows your cleverness. Yes, I am in Chennai now… 😉

      • Jasper

        Thank u 🙂