Changes in mobile technology & development 2013

Hi All, here is my post about "What we can expect in mobile technology & development 2013". Let see what are the changes came in mobile technology. 1) Blackberry 10 : RIM is going to release big smartphone OS device in few days. I really like BB hub very much and have had the opportunity to play with developer device, and I am almost happy with BB 10, super lock screen, great camera, best HTML5 browser and more. - on Jan 10th, 2013 As we expected RIM Blackberry released it's new versi...

Titanium Locale Module for Both (Android and iOS)

Locale Titanium module
In this post I am going to introduce to Locale module. This module helps to force the phone language only in your application. And you can just follow same i18n folder with your locale strings XML files (For example :- "en" folder >  strings.xml ...). To load Locale module into your app, write below one line code. var locale = require("com.shareourideas.locale"); After loading you need to force locale in your application, just call setLocale method with language. locale.setLocale(...