Smartphone – The life changer

SmartPhone - The Life Changer
Hi Everyone, in this post I want to share my feeling about Smartphone. As a IT employee, I know how the trend is now in my field (Mobile First Approach). Anyway Smartphone changed may things, it changed our life style as well (Something good and Something bad). See this below Slideshow..   Not only those now a days fitness gadgets which will monitor our health all the time and give updates on time to time. Which will link to our smartphone see reports/ progress between time pe...

How to avoid app store rejection – Tip and Tricks

Here in my PPT about how to avoid app store rejection. In this I am going to tell you few important points to avoid App store rejection. few points from my experience with all three stores Apple app store, Google Play store and Windows Phone Market Place. I recommend you to read this pages before uploading your app to store. •Android - •Apple -

Google Maps V2 for Android using Appcelerator Titanium

Hello Everyone, Here comes my another post on Titanium for Android's Google Maps V2.  Google deprecates the V1 maps, if you already have a V1 MAP API key you still get a support using Ti.Map namespace on Titanium. Else you definitely need to use Google Maps V2. With this post you can able to see the Youtube video inorder to use the Maps V2 with titanium. Prerequisites Titanium SDK >= 3.0.2 Titanium's Open source Map Module Android device with Google play installed (you can't tes...