Appcelerator Titanium Android Click to Auto Call

Appcelerator Titanium
Hi Everyone, I want to share the problem I faced today and the solution for that. Right now I'm developing an Android app and I had a requirement to make call by clicking a click to call button. The Problem here is we used Ti.Platform.openURL("tel:1234567"); to get into the Call dialer activity, but my Client want in the way of when the button is clicked the call should be made automatically for the given number. I used the following code on my button listener var intent = Ti.Android.creat...

Titanium OptionDialog with AndroidView

In this post we will see how to create a customize OptionDialog in Android, remember only in Android. Did you see Titanium Runtime error notification dialog box. It's OptionDialog box? Yes it is. We can also create same Custom option Dialog box, we have a property for this in optionDialog, it is AndroidView . Ok let see How to create, first check with  Appcelerator Titanium developer documentation!/api/Titanium.UI.OptionDialog-propert...

Titanium ACS API in PhoneGap

Appcelerator Titanium is Cross platform application development framework. Currently Appcelerator providing free cloud service for Now. There are two plans Tier 1 and Tier 2. Both are currently having limitations. But good for starting new applications. No need to write server side code, like basic things create users, like, chat and so on there by default. And Titanium Mobile SDK 2.0+ having cloud module. Using that we can create users, events, check-ins and so on. This ACS service is not only ...