How to avoid app store rejection – Tip and Tricks

Here in my PPT about how to avoid app store rejection. In this I am going to tell you few important points to avoid App store rejection. few points from my experience with all three stores Apple app store, Google Play store and Windows Phone Market Place. I recommend you to read this pages before uploading your app to store. •Android - •Apple -

Native v/s Cross platform v/s HTML5

Mobile Phone
Here is plus or minus of Native and Cross platform and HTML5. In just few words native (Objective c, C#, Java) will give best performance. Cross platform will give better performance and one single code base and build for different platforms. HTML5, now the really game started. HTML 5 became more powerful now a days. And also it supports more platforms because it just need web browser in mobile.   Finally word, Mobile first...!

iOS 6 and HTML5 input type – File

Finally, it’s here. Now we can upload photos and videos from the Photo Library using a regular input file element. This was previously only possible via the use of Phonegap and other frameworks, in Native application. Previously, if we need file upload feature in our mobile web site, we need to go with native application. Because there is no support for file upload in iOS Safari Browser. Where in other hand Android support file upload from it V3.0 and Mobile Firefox 10.0 also support this ...