iOS 6 and HTML5 input type – File

Finally, it’s here. Now we can upload photos and videos from the Photo Library using a regular input file element. This was previously only possible via the use of Phonegap and other frameworks, in Native application. Previously, if we need file upload feature in our mobile web site, we need to go with native application. Because there is no support for file upload in iOS Safari Browser. Where in other hand Android support file upload from it V3.0 and Mobile Firefox 10.0 also support this ...

HTML5 – Let’s make the WEB more powerful

HTML5..... What is it? # This not just another version of HTML to present content for the World Wide Web. # It is not one technology, it is HTML5 = HTML + CSS3+ Javascript # Yep!, it was proposed by Opera Software. # The aim of HTML5, give more power to WEB with multimedia, graphics & hardware acceleration. # Get access to local resources, almost with out Plugin. very interesting! # Human readable and easy to understand by computer programs. Let’s see, What is New in HTML5?            ...

PhoneGap for Windows Phone

Microsoft has worked with Nitobi phonegap to bring their PhoneGap HTML5 developer framework to Windows Phone 7.5 Mango. PhoneGap, it’s an open source mobile framework that enables developers to build applications targeting multiple platforms, by using standard web technologies (HTML5, CSS and JavaScript). On Windows Phone 7 this provides another option besides Silverlight and XNA for developers to bring their apps to the platform. The current beta version includes most of the basic features...