“use strict” What does this mean in Javascript

In this blog post we are going learn about "use strict"; and it use in javascript. "use strict"; helps to run our javascript in Strict Mode. It is new feature in ECMAScript 5 that allows us to place a program, or a function, in a “strict” operating context. This strict context prevents certain actions from being taken and throws more exceptions. It is not a statement, but a literal expression, ignored by earlier versions of JavaScript. It’s time to start using JavaScript strict mode Strict ...

How to replace Launch images with Storyboard or Xib in Titanium

Hi everyone, This post is regarding  how we can replace Launch images with Storyboard or Xib file. I used Titanium SDK 4.0.0 GA version and Appcelerator Studio, build: And Tested in iOS 8.3 version iPhone 6 and iPhone 4s and iPad 2. And also in Appcelerator recent blog post says Launch screen Storyboard may come in next update with iOS 9 support (Please check with reference links below). Get in to the topic. Follow below steps and it is easy to if you know Storyboard de...

Windows Phone 8.1 preview review and what we want back?

Windows Phone 8.1 Developer preview
Windows Phone 8.1 developer preview is release few days before. Now, my device running with WP 8.1 preview.  Overall I am very happy with this update. We are going to get many new useful features. Like : Quick settings, Start screen background image, WIFI sense, improvements in email, audio and videos apps. IE 11 with sync and private browser option. And very important thing in this update is personal assistant. which make things easier. Her name is Cortana (beta). There many other features like...