Jquery optimization tips

Here are the few jQuery optimization tips: I created this slide long back. It is too old. But I think, still worth it to read once. In this slides you can see how to use CDN Jquery resource, Optimize selectors, noConflict method and difference between click and bind and live. [slideshare id=11212846&doc=jquery-optimization-tips-120123020914-phpapp01] you can also see demos of each section here the Github link https://github.com/ram-anubavam/jQuery-tricks-tip/tree/master/jQuery-Ti...

Javascript Best Practices at Techday7 (developer’s life)

Nov 24th, another Techday7 event. This time Ramkumar and  karthi are presenters and they presented about Javascript best practices and Titanium alloy framework. here is slide show about Javascript best practices by Ramkumar M [slideshare id=15327214&doc=javascript-121124090451-phpapp02&w=670&h=530] Few quick points:- * About GC in Javascript, GC is automatic.Objects are collected there is no references longer. Javascript Uses Mark and Sweep GC method. * Avoid the globa...

HTML5 – Let’s make the WEB more powerful

HTML5..... What is it? # This not just another version of HTML to present content for the World Wide Web. # It is not one technology, it is HTML5 = HTML + CSS3+ Javascript # Yep!, it was proposed by Opera Software. # The aim of HTML5, give more power to WEB with multimedia, graphics & hardware acceleration. # Get access to local resources, almost with out Plugin. very interesting! # Human readable and easy to understand by computer programs. [slideshare id=12538860&doc=html5-new-1204140...