Titanium Locale Module for Both (Android and iOS) With sample code

Locale Titanium module
Hi, In this post we are going to have a talk about Titanium Locale module. We are so happy that we got many mails, good comments with 5 star rating for version one modules. Many developers contacted us about Locale module whether it will work with Titanium 6.0+ and 64 bit etc.. And most of them asked about how to load new locale strings once language changed in settings screen in application, with out restart. Before going to talk in detail about this question. Here are the few highlights...

Smartphone – The life changer

SmartPhone - The Life Changer
Hi Everyone, in this post I want to share my feeling about Smartphone. As a IT employee, I know how the trend is now in my field (Mobile First Approach). Anyway Smartphone changed may things, it changed our life style as well (Something good and Something bad). See this below Slideshow.. [slideshare id=55364225&doc=smartphone-151121121314-lva1-app6891]   Not only those now a days fitness gadgets which will monitor our health all the time and give updates on time to time. Wh...

How to avoid app store rejection – Tip and Tricks

Here in my PPT about how to avoid app store rejection. In this I am going to tell you few important points to avoid App store rejection. few points from my experience with all three stores Apple app store, Google Play store and Windows Phone Market Place. [slideshare id=30725197&doc=avoidappstorerejection-140202105651-phpapp02] I recommend you to read this pages before uploading your app to store. •Android - http://developer.android.com/guide/ •Apple - https://developer.apple.com/a...