About Decorator design pattern

Design patterns
Decorator design pattern allows the behaviour to be added to an individual object, either statically or dynamically, without affecting the behaviour of other objects from the same class. It allows functionality to be divided between classes with unique areas of concern This wrapping could be achieved by the following sequence of steps: Subclass the original Component class into a Decorator class (see UML diagram); In the Decorator class, add a Component pointer as a field; In the D...

Microsoft and Adafruit for Internet of Things (Windows 10 IoT)

Windows 8
Today's world running towards Internet of Things. Every one thinking how to combine real world and digital world. Now a days there are many hardware where we can develop with less cost to make smart home, office and so on. In that Raspberry Pi is one of the best hardware to develop. Up to now Raspberry Pi is running in Linux OS and we can use Node Js to develop great things. But another great news is few days back Microsoft official confirm there support for Adafruit started developing using Win...

“use strict” What does this mean in Javascript

In this blog post we are going learn about "use strict"; and it use in javascript. "use strict"; helps to run our javascript in Strict Mode. It is new feature in ECMAScript 5 that allows us to place a program, or a function, in a “strict” operating context. This strict context prevents certain actions from being taken and throws more exceptions. It is not a statement, but a literal expression, ignored by earlier versions of JavaScript. It’s time to start using JavaScript strict mode Strict ...