Windows Phone 8.1 preview review and what we want back?

Windows Phone 8.1 developer preview is release few days before. Now, my device running with WP 8.1 preview.  Overall I am very happy with this update. We are going to get many new useful features. Like : Quick settings, Start screen background image, WIFI sense, improvements in email, audio and videos apps. IE 11 with sync and private browser option. And very important thing in this update is personal assistant. which make things easier. Her name is Cortana (beta). There many other features like camera app UI and also few bugs in current version also fixed.

But here are the few things, I feel we are missing in Windows Phone 8.1 update

Windows Phone 8.1 Developer preview
Windows Phone 8.1 Developer preview

1) Now we can’t update status message, at a time to all social medias.

2) Bing vision, when we click on search button, Bing vision help us to scan QR codes, Bar code and more. It help us to install apps also. But search button is replace with Cortana. But we can access Bing vision from Camera lenses.

3) Cortana is not available out side USA.

4) Games are display as apps out side and when I open Xbox it is showing there also with some delay (10 seconds*)

5) Taking screen shot (in Windows Phone 8) Home/Start Button + Unlock key. But now they change to Unlock key + Volume Up. For me when I am trying to screen shot, some times it is showing volume view and some times locking the device. I like Start button + Unlock keys only.

6) Start screen background image options is super. But, if I selected white color and some light color image. Then app names is not displaying and looking bad. But good to have this feature for now.

By the way for now it is just preview version. Final version may be better than this. Hope!!!

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