Embed Windows Live Messenger in web page

msnim: command

How to use Windows Live Messenger (MSN) functions in web page?

Command list :-

Use this file command we can add, chat, voice and video chat too..

<a href=”msnim:chat?contact=[USERNAME]”>Contact us</a>  — To chat

<a href=”msnim:add?contact=[USERNAME]”>Add me</a> — Add to contact list

<a href=”msnim:voice?contact=[USERNAME]”>Voice chat</a>  — Strat voice chat

<a href=”msnim:video?contact=[USERNAME]”>Video conversation</a>    — Start Video conversation


[UserName] Replace with you email ID.

This protocol work like mailto: , if we specified href=”mailto:mail@mail.com” then. If the end use click on that like, it will open default mail window (OUTLOOK).

Like this using msgim: commands also automatically open the windows live messenger. *But we must install live messenger.


Naga Harish.

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