Embed Skype in web page

Embed Skype functionality in web pages

Using Skype application we can chat, call, send file and add friends and many more.
These functions we can use in our website too. But End users (who are viewing our web site) have to install Skype in their system.
It is very simple to embed Skype buttons. See this..
Call me :- <a href=”skype:YourUsername?call“><img src=”Yourimg”/> or Your text</a>
Add me :- <a href=”skype:YourUsername?add“>Please add me</add>
Chat :- <a href=”skype:YourUsername?chat“>Chat with me</a>
Profile :- <a href=”skype:YourUsername?userinfo“>My profile</a>
Voice mail :- <a href=”skype:YourUsername?voicemail“>Send voice mail</a>
Send file :- <a href=”skype:YourUsername?sendfile“>Send mail</a>

Above codes used to call Skype functionality  from web page.

You can get more details here http://www.skype.com/intl/en-gb/share/buttons/
Naga Harish Movva.