Embed AOL to your webpage

We can embedded AOL messenger in webpage, use this command (protocol) aim:goim.

aim: command list
To open AOL IMĀ  :-

<a href=”aim:goim“>Open Message window</a>

To start chat :-

<a href=”aim:goim??screenname=[USERNAME]”>Chat with me</a>

To Open new IM window with a screen name and message :-

<a href=”aim:goim?screenname=[USERNAME]&message=[MESSAGE]”>Send message to users</a> –[MESSAGE] type your message..

To share files from a screen name :-

<a href=”aim:getfile?screenname=[USERNAME]”>Send message to users</a>

To Open a chat room :-

<a href=”aim:gochat?roomname=[CHATROOMNAME]”>open chat room</a> // [CHATROOMNAME] — Here your chat room name

To Add Buddy :-

<a href=”aim:addbuddy?screenname=[USERNAME]”>Add Buddy</a>

To Add Buddy with group name:-

<a href=”aim:addbuddy?screenname=[USERNAME]&groupname=[GROUPNAME]”>Add Buddy with group name</a> — [Groupname] school

Enjoy while coding..!


Naga Harish.

To know othere IM’s protocols check this link http://shareourideas.wordpress.com/tag/embed-ims-in-website/

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