Avast command line scan

In this post I am going to explain about Avast command line scan. Sometime we would like to use command line for programs. In the case of virus blocks you avast GUI service, and in the case of  run the Avast Anti-Virus from your program. Those time it is better to use Avast CMD line. we can access avast from your program too,  virus scan on selected PATH folder.

Avast command line scan in 3 steps

Step 1:

* Open Run window from Start menu.

Start Menu
Start Menu

* Type CMD then click Ok.

Run window
Run window

Step 2:

* In CMD window type “CD C:Program FilesAlwil SoftwareAvast4“. Is c: drive have program files folder.else change the c: to d: or e: or which drive Avast software installed.

Step 3:

* Then type ashQuick [Path to Scanned]. For example:- ashQuick c: or ashQuick c:Setup.exe

Avast command line scan started

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Naga Harish Movva.

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      1. We can use normal command line like this “dir > log.txt” . But here we are open avast Scan GUI from command line. we can take the report. I hope they have give option for set log file path too. Please check with you avast forums for more details.

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