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Community server is really cool. You know we can upload different video URLs in media section and we can also insert in Blog and Forums post and we can also add video in Media file description too.
I hope must of the know about embed YouTube videos insert in Media and in posts. If we just put YouTube URL it will automatically comes with embedded code, when view that post page.
When we insert the YouTube video it will insert this line in text area

Once you submit this post, in view post page we can see YouTube player with selected video. It will automatically render the line and replace with YouTube video embedded code. Not only YouTube we can also put direct video files like .SWF, .WMV and some other supported files. Not only this I had a list to show to every one. Please check with below table.

Video type In Media In posts Try with this URL
Youtube video at community serverYouTube
Google video at community serverGoogle Video
Blip TV video at community serverBlip TV
Vimeo video at community serverVimeo
Clipshack video at community serverClipshack
MTV video at community serverMTV
Veoh video at community serverVeoh
Myspace video at community serverMyspave
Revver video at community serverRevver
Screencast video at community serverScreencast
Soapbox Need to try!
Yahoo video at community serverYahoo video Need to try!
Your file We can put supported video files also.

– It is working

– I need to try for those, can any one help please!

How I found supported video URLs?
I am working with media section that time I saw image files for above list. So, I tried one by one. You can also check with ~/Utility/ folder.

Note one more thing I need to tell If we added the above Video URLs and Your own files, It will insert one line in posts like this below

[View:{You URL}]
For example:-

This is will create with default size, if you want to make small or big we can do that. Please check with below line

[View:{You URL}:{Width}:{Height}]
For example:-

And I am not sure with Veoh URL format. I just put random URL, by luck it is shows in the screen.

I hope it is helpful for you.
We need to say thanks to Telligent, for this great job. Just we need to put a URL. How easy it is..! No need care about embedded code.

Note:- I got information about soapbox and yahoo videos. Those are no longer works, please check this forum for more details

Naga Harish Movva

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