Google bookmark URL format

In this post I am going share about Google bookmark URL format. It is best to place this Bookmark in your site. So, users can easily bookmark the URL if they interest with content, then can bookmark it for future use.

I need to place the URL in our post at top or bottom of the post.

Here is the Google bookmark URL format..[URL]&title=[TITLE]

We must replace [URL] and [TITLE] with our site URL or our post URL and title of the post/site.

Please check below example.. Idea might change our life

It will give chance to edit the content Before add to bookmark.

Please check with few more bookmarks Yahoo and Google Buzz bookmark URL formats

Thanks to Google make this easy to place in sites.
I hope this post is helpful for you, if you have any better Ideas please share with me..!

Enjoy while coding..!
Naga Harish Movva.

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