How to sent on behalf of mail in C#.NET

In this post I am want to tell how send behalf mail in C#.NET. Behalf of mail is means, it is like normal mail send only. But we will add Sender option in that mail header. So, I second side when they’re view that mail in from mail ID option they can see like this [sender mail ID] on behalf of [from mail ID].

We can send behalf of mail in C#.NET easily, same like VB.NET too. Please check with image how it will be in receiver side.. if you see this mail you can understand what is behalf of mail?..

Send Behalf of mail in
Send Behalf of mail in C#.NET


using System.Net.Mail; // import System.Net.Mail

void SendUsingNetMail()
SmtpClient smtp = new SmtpClient();
MailMessage msg = new MailMessage(,   "");
msg.Sender = new MailAddress("");
msg.Subject = "This is for Demo";
msg.Body = "This is just for demo about behalf of mail option in C#";

I hope it will helpful for you.

Note:- I tried with outlook it is showing correct, but it is not showing in I hope it will show only in OUTLOOK and Desktop mail softwares

Enjoy while coding..!


Naga Harish Movva.

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