Crazy bug in WordPress and YouTube too

In this post I am going show some interesting.  I found one interesting thing in WordPress and YouTube too.. Those two sites are most popular in WWW now a days. They confirmed we can’t deliver 100% bug free software. Some times things may go wrong, Like this.

Video :-

When I am browsing I found one RSS feed list. it is added in one site. I clicked on one interesting thing. That time it is saying (Wodpress)

The authors have deleted this blog. The content is no longer available.

You can create your own free blog on

I thought it is coming from catch. So, I tried to view feed url of that blog’s. We know the common RSS URL will be like this http://[mywordpress]

So, I tried that. check with this URL . There it is list all posts. But we I created to view the post, it is saying the blog is deleted. I hope some mistake is done here. I am sure wordpress will  come over from this soon.

About Youtube:-

Today I visited . In top of the browser I found RSS button. So, I tried to subscribe the rss. Once click on that button it take me to this page There it looks cool it is displaying all videos images, rate, views count, description and title of the videos. I can see one more option called  More in it is education or games or Entertainment and so on.

I just clicked on that link .  We can see broken like there.  I hope it must bind like this . I hope on YouTube too. They will surely Update this bug soon.

I like both WordPress and Youtube very much. They are rock, but some time some small bugs. Keep rocking.. This post is for fun only, please don’t take it as serious. 🙂

Enjoy while coding..!


Naga Harish Movva.

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