How to set default home page in Kentico CMS

In this post I am going to explain about set default home page in kentico CMS with youtube video too.. For this demo I used personal site template only

Youtube Video:-

Set default home page in kentico cms is very easy. No Code!  No  Keybord! and No Hard!, just with few mouse click.

1) After log in as administrator user, just switch to site Manager

2) Click on settings, select your site which you’re going to set or change default home page in kentico CMS.

3) Then in the Settings tree list select web site (first item in the list).

4) In right side we can see one option call “Default alias path“. This option is used for set default home page for the site.

5) Just click on select button it will open new window to select start page (home page). Select the page you like then submit it.

6) Now that default alias path will fill with some text, then save settings. Now try to run you site with root url. for example ( or http://localhost/mykenticocms)

7) Wow! Now you can see the page which you selected.

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Naga harish.

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