How to set Windows Phone 7 Application Splash Screen

Windows Phone 7 Application Splash Screen, In this post I am going explain about custom splash screen in windows phone 7 (wp7). By default   when you run wp7 app it will take bit time to show the app form. in that bit time we can show our own custom splash screen. This is good Idea to have splash screen we can use for advertising.

This is my first blog post about Windows phone 7.

It is very easy to add custom splash screen, just few step we have to follow. No need to write code for this.


1) Create an image file with name SplashScreenImage.jpg, and best image size is  width : 480px,  Height 800px (480 x 800).

2) Then add this image to you wp7 app.

3) Then right click on the image file, go Properties.

4) Build Action value must be set to Content.

5) Then Run your application to see your custom splash screen.

Check with this image for better understanding

Windows phone 7 Splash screen
How to set Windows phone 7 Splash screen?

I hope this tip useful for you..!

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Video tutorial :

Is Windows Phone 7 Splash screen not shown (on emulator)?
Please check your graphics card!!, graphics cards need to be WDDM 1.1 or higher to show the splashscreen
we can check this by using dxdiag, just type in RUN window, then It will open DirectX Diagnostic Tool. In then go to Display tab, in drivers section check with Drivers Model. Is it WDDM 1.0 or 1.1?

Enjoy while coding..!


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