Microsoft Visual Studio 2010 Service Pack 1 now available

Microsoft Visual Studio 2010 Service Pack 1 out with list of new features and improvements. Now you can download the SP1 for Microsoft website.

Download VS 2010 SP1 from here

VS 2010 SP1 Published Date : 3rd March 2011

Tips on installing Visual Studio 2010 SP1

Microsoft Visual Sutdio SP 1

Here I just listed few, You can get more details

HTML5 and CSS3 support

Preliminary support is added for HTML5 to the HTML editor so that you can obtain IntelliSense and validation for HTML elements and attributes. A complete version that brings a fuller HTML5 experience will be provided in a future version of Visual Studio. Details here

HTML Designer

Style sheets that are external to a web application are not applied in Visual Studio .NET 2010 IDE design view.

HTML Designer cannot be used as expected to design web pages.

WCF RIA Services V1 SP1 included

XAML Editor/Designer

1) Go To value definition

2) Style IntelliSense

3) Data source selector

4) Advanced grid commands

5) New Thickness Editor

6) Sample data support

7) Increased stability


The BACKSPACE key and the ARROW keys do not work.

Devenv.exe crashes, and an Access Violation error occurs, during *.js auto-formatting.

Problems in the “Format Document” command in the JScript Code Editor.

The JScript object member is not listed in IntelliSense when the object member contains a $ character.

JScript Editor

Extra space is added under the code when the Keep tabs option is selected.

Indentation is incorrect for empty object literals.

The JScript function formatting option Parens does not function as “worded parentheses.”


An Access Violation occurs when you debug a C# structure that has about 500 fields.

Designers may not correctly qualify types in code that is emitted.

Visual Studio 2010 crashes when it writes code at design time.

The MVC3 Razor release candidate may cause an invalid code block indention when the release candidate autoformats a document .


Visual Studio 2010 SP1 fixes issues with stability of the compiler and code correctness for generated code.


Visual Studio 2010 SP1 contains the following improvements:

Customize or extend T4 templates by using template inheritance


Data-Tier Application Project: Data-Tier Application Framework Version 1.1

Visual Studio 2010 SP1 contains the following improvements:

DAC upgrades are supported on SQL Azure and on SQL Server.

DAC upgrades are now in-place instead of side-by-side.

Code Analysis

Managed Code Analysis (FxCop) now installs on x64 TeamBuild servers.


Performance and stability improvements

More efficient memory management

Other IDE improvements to prevent user interface (UI) freezes and crashes

Performance improvement for the F12 (Goto Definition) function key on large projects.

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SP1 download link is here

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