Awesome Features Coming with Windows Phone 7 Mango!

Great features coming to Windows Phone 7 as of the upcoming Mango update — some of them announced by Steve Ballmer at this year’s MWC — Redmond appears to be having a couple of more aces up its sleeves as Windows Phone Dev Podcast has published several images which might point to possible future features the Mango update will bring to Windows Phones.

Windows Phone 7.5 (Mango update) Bing Audio

List of Features:

Bing Audio appears to be a music recognition service or feature where, similar to third parties, you’d hold up your Windows Phone to the music that’s playing and it will run a search upon which results for matching artist and song are returned.

Bing Vision would handle visual searches using your smartphone’s camera. With Bing Vision you’ll no longer need a QR reader as you’ll be able to search using images, QR codes, barcodes, etc. There’s also a mention of Vision Recognizers which might indicate some sort of add-on support but there are no more details to this.

Podcast support in the Marketplace, a feature which is currently lacking on your Windows Phone. You can currently subscribe to Podcasts on your Zune client and the episodes are synced to your smartphone but with Mango you’ll be able to subscribe, download and even customize your series settings right on the device.

Turn-by-turn navigation with voice guidance is revealed via a picture of a settings page. We knew (or were desperately hoping) turn-by-turn navigation will come to Windows Phone 7.

Voice Dictation appears to be used while composing a text message

We already know that Mango will add support for Asian languages, Twitter integration, Windows Live Messenger integration in same People hub, which will allow you to send an IM to someone straight from the hub and fastest browser IE9 (get details about IE9 for Windows Phone 7 with HTML5 and GUI changes ).

Who knows what else in Mango update (Windows Phone 7.5)..

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