Wow! WP7.5 To Support SmartDJ, Disabling Camera Shutter Sound

Windows Phone 7.5 (Mango) : smartdj min & Camera Shutter Sound

There are two more awesome futures with Mango update (WP7.5).

Disabling Camera Shutter Sound:

Now, the user will be able to turn off the Camera Shutter sound.  which is something Google, Apple and RIM don’t allow. Muting the sound allows for unnoticed picture snapping some might find offending. Guys don’t take advantage of this future.. 😉

Support SmartDJ mix :

We are finally getting Smart DJ mixes!  This is great news, as this is a feature some have already been enjoying on dedicated Zune devices.

Microsoft seems to making right all the wrongs!

May be to is going to rock with upcoming update..

Get more details about Windows Phone 7 here..

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Naga Harish.

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