What so special in Windows 8

We all know Microsoft¬† Windows OS is most popular in Computer world. And Microsoft is releasing every new version of Win OS with much more options/features. Currently they’re planning to release new Version (Win 8) in upcoming year (2012 – first half).

Windows 8 Logo

This version of windows coming with more features, those are:-

1) Tablet version

2) Metro UI with HTML, JavaScript and CSS

3) Tiles with up to date

4) Push notification

5) 3D fully glassy aero interface

6) Windows explorer with ribbon

7) New windows calender (and Taskbar design)

8) New start menu

9)  Windows media player with high definition and 3D blu ray support

10) Lock screen feature with widgets like time and push notifications

11) Apps feature

12) ISO and VHD support

13) Auto windows up date

14)  Better security

15) Faster bootup

16) Microsoft Lync

17) Windows 8 will have USB 3 0

18) Much better File Management

19) IE 10Internet Explorer (ie) 10

and more worth is waiting….

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