iOS 5.x with more features for users and developers

Apple’s latest version of iOS number is 5.x . iOS 5 having more than 200 user features (source: For developers updated SDK with 1,500 new APIs and powerful new development tools. Now developers can take advantage of iCloud Storage, Newsstand Kit, Core Image, GLKit, twitter and new Game Center APIs.

iOS - Apple's mobile operating system
iOS - Apple's mobile operating system

iOS 5 comes up with list of features for developers:-

1) iCloud Storage :- Now we can save our application data (files and key values) in Cloud. And it will automatically sync the changes  in all configured  devices (iPhone, iPad and Computers…..). Get more details about this here

2) Automatic Reference Counting (ARC) :- ARC for Objective-C makes memory management job for compiler. Enabling ARC with new Apple Low Level Virtual Machine (LLVM) compailer we will never need to type retain or release again. While  reducing crashes and memory leaks. The compiler has a complete understanding of our objects and releases eash object the instant no longer used or over. So apps run as fast as with better performance.

3) Location simulation :- Now we can test location based features in our apps without leaving Simulator. We can now select from present location and routes within the iOS 5 Simulator and pick a custom latitude and longitude with accuracy while running app.

4) Twitter Integration :- We can now take advantage of twitter integration. Now we can send a tweet from built-in apps with few lines of code (easy to tie into single sign-on service). Which includes URL shortening, attaching current location, character count and attach photos on Twitter.

5) Notification Center :-Notification Center provides nice way to display and mange app notifications without interruption our users. Notification Center in iOS 5 builds on the existing notification system, so existing local and push notufucations works fine.Now push notifications Provisioning made built in Xcode.

6) New Instruments :- Not only ARC, iOS 5 SDK includes several new instruments including time profiler with CPU strategy which gives you a new way to view time profiler data, as well as system trace, network activity and network connections instruments.

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