Minimum hardware requirements for Windows 8 tablets

Microsoft is going to release next version of Windows OS (named Windows 8). We all know Win 8 is coming with metro UI and the developer preview is now available for free Download. Microsoft recently told “The Windows 8 Beta version is going to out in next month (Feb,2012)”. Also Microsoft going to release tablet OS. This Windows 8 OS will run in PC/ Laptops and Tablets too.

Windows 8 Picture Password
Windows 8 Picture Password

Here is more details about Minimum hardware requirements for Windows 8 tablets :

The company is providing minimum hardware requirements for x86, x64 and ARM Processors -based tablets running the upcoming Windows 8 OS. Devices will need at least 10 GB of HD free space, a 1366 x 768 screen resolution, Bluetooth 4.0 + LTE(Long Term Evaluation – is a standard for wireless communication of high-speed data Transfer), a 720p camera and more. Microsoft begins to set the foundation for tablets, defining bezel width, boot latency, required hardware buttons and required components. Also, include at least one USB 2.0 port, a magnetometer, speakers, and an accelerometer.

Hardware buttons

Windows 8 touch PCs must use digitizers supporting a minimum of five points, a requirement that is probably designed to avoid consumer confusion over multi touch machines. Microsoft is planning to support NFC (Near field communication) technology in Windows 8, and PCs that take advantage of NFC must have “touch marks” that are marked on the hardware to prevent users from having to search for the touch point. Microsoft requires that Windows 8 tablet/convertible PCs have 5 hardware buttons. Those buttons are:

  • Power
  • Rotation lock
  • Windows Key
  • Volume up
  • Volume down

The Windows Key will be at least 10.5 mm in diameter and be sported in any number of shapes.

Introduction for combo  CTRL + ALT + DEL
Microsoft requires that Windows 8 PCs joined to a domain and without keyboards implement new Ctrl+Alt+Del sequence. While the on-screen keyboard remains an option for logging into a domain-joined PC, the quicker (and new) option is to press Windows Key + Power.

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