How to skip the task like “press F1 to Continue” while boot process of the system.

In some systems Users will face the problem every time while booting.  Screen will appear to ask ‘Press F1 to continue‘ to finish boot process. This will come because of the CMOS battery dead or weak. So the user need to change the CMOS battery otherwise without changing the CMOS battery user can skip the screen ‘Press F1 to continue’ by changing the CMOS settings in System BIOS.

Press F1 to continue, DEL to enter SETUP

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These are the steps to skip the screen:

–>Switch on the system –> press F2 or F10 according to the processor –> Goto CMOS Advanced Features –> Goto HALT –> ENTER and select NO ERRORS –>Press F10 –> Press Y and ENTER.

Your system BIOS settings has been changed and henceforth system won’t ask you to press F1.

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