Built-in Security Features in Microsoft New OS (WINDOWS 8)

Actually this concept is presented in windows server 2008 itself. The same concept Microsoft is going to introduced in client operating system new version windows 8.

  1. Windows Defender
Windows 8 Picture Password
Windows 8

Windows Defender: 

So many years, hackers coming up with virus to attack the PC’s in different ways. For this Reason, Windows 8 includes an integrated antispyware and anti-malware package called Windows Defender. It’s designed to work in the background, keeping your system safe; but if you’d like to manually scan your system for malware or update your spyware definitions that application available through the Start menu. Windows Defender does rarely show up as an icon in the taskbar notification area. This generally happens when the tool has been unable to download new definitions, the files it uses antispyware database is up-to-date. In such a case, you can click the Windows Defender icon and start a manual download of the latest updates.

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