Windows phone Tango may support 120 languages

There are few rumors about next version of Windows Phone OS named ‘Tango’.  This version going to support more number of languages. Currently windows phone supporting 35 languages, but this version may come with 3 times higher count then current Mango update. It is going to support 120 languages.

Good news for C++ developers:-

In an event Microsoft employe (India) told the next version of Windows Phone support C++ for lower-level programming likely designed to game developers who need to performance out of the hardware.

So,it seems we can get more updates/features in Apollo than Tango. Apollo is the next version of Windows Phone OS name. Because Microsoft increasing performance version by version and adding bulk of features.

In one word the Windows Phone user never (need to) install any other apps. Because it comes with mostly all featured apps like People Hub, Xbox Games, Zune and so on.

And also few more rumors about Nokia Lumia :-

1) Nokia Lumia 910 with 12 MP camera and it is coming soon

2) Nokia Lumia 800 with white color for Australians in March (2012) , it’s confirmed!

3) Nokia 900 coming to England, Portugal and Russia in June, 2012

There are just gossips about Windows Phone and OS. There is no official confirmation yet  other than White Nokia Lumia 800.

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