PhoneGap new version 1.4.0 now available

PhoneGap team just released next version 1.4.0.  They released with few features and enhancements. Small introduction about PhoneGap, it compiles HTML, Javascript and CSS files and produce build packages for Apple iOS, Andriod, webOS, Symbian, BlackBerry, Bada and Windows Phone. Code once and run any where . Almost, we can use 100% of code for other platform development. Recently they added “PhoneGap Build cloud service“. There will be full support with this new version.

PhoneGap Logo with Windows Phone Android iOS Bada Blackberry
PhoneGap Logo with Windows Phone, Android, iOS, Bada, Blackberry

And here is the list of features and enhancements by OS :-

Andriod :-

  • fixing whitelist handling
  • Added license header to new files.
  • Remove unused files/classes until they are needed.
  • Fixing scale, setting legacy scale
  • Work-around Feature for Classic PhoneGap 320×480 resolution and more

iOS :-

  • Added Battery core plugin to PhoneGap.plist
  • Fixed CB-143 – Removing address from iOS contact causes crash
  • Added ‘PhoneGap Upgrade Guide’ doc to the .dmg (as a PDF)
  • Fixed CB-42 – MediaPlaybackRequiresUserAction can now be set to NO
  • Added stand-alone PGViewController (Cleaver – PhoneGap as a Component)

Windows Phone :-

  • Fix for single document – multipage layouts
  • Added VERSION file to be like other platforms.
  • Acceleromter fix #CB-141 – InvariantCulture
  • Contacts returned from find were not formatted. CB-157
  • Fixes for loading local XHR using file API, and still using default for remote XHR. responseXML returns document for local files.
  • updated phonegap.js to include XHR updates
  • Compass API fixes

We can get more details from here

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