Microsoft bonding the application called SkyDrive with Windows 8

Microsoft will lengthen SkyDrive from being an online file storage service into a device cloud that is closely integrated with the Microsoft’s next version of the OS (Windows 8). The ideas of SkyDrive concept turn out to be a single drive available across all the devices users use, making them to access the resources instantly, secure and private access to their Data.

SkyDrive in Windows 8
SkyDrive in Windows 8

In Windows 8, the “DNA (Distributed interNet Applications Architecture)” of SkyDrive and the Mesh file sync technology will merge into a single service, Especially, SkyDrive will be integrated as an application on Windows upcoming operating system (Windows 8), SkyDrive files will be accessible from the desktop via Windows Explorer and users will be able to get files remotely from their hard drive through

The SkyDrive application included with Windows 8 will be a Metro style App, meaning its user interface will be optimized for touch screen-based devices like tablets, and it will make it possible for people to access their SkyDrive accounts from any other Metro style application through Windows 8 controls for opening, saving and sharing files. Advantage of this functionality, end users only need to register an email address on a PC running Windows 8, after which “whenever you save files on SkyDrive, every Windows 8 device you use will provide seamless access to those files,”.

Windows 8 will also have a usual desktop application for SkyDrive, to be managed via Windows Explorer. Users will be able to store and retrieve SkyDrive files through a drag-and-drop interface.

Through a sync functionality based on Mesh, people will be able to have desktop copies of their SkyDrive files, and synchronize changes so that versions are kept consistent both locally and on the cloud. Finally, SkyDrive on Windows 8 will also let users remotely access files that they’ve opted to only store locally on a PC’s hard drive.

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