How to resolve the Hyperlink Error Problem in MS Excel?

                             Sometimes when we are clicking the hyperlinks in the MS office Applications we will get the Error like “Cannot download the information you requested”. So by giving this error you are unable to access the link which is added to that name. sometimes the people will think this is the problem with whole MS Office Application and they use to Uninstall the Application and they will reinstall it. And also, they will use to get the same Error. I also face this problem and after done the exercise for couple of minutes I get the solution.


                So, Now I am giving the steps to resolve that problem easily Please follow the steps:

Step 1:

Open the Internet Explorer Browser.


Now u can find the COMMAND BAR in IE right hand side top.

Step 2:

In the COMMAND BAR select TOOLS –> deselect the Work offline.

Step 3:

Goto Excel or any other MS office Application and click hyperlink you can see the link will work to open the respective Website.

Same steps you can watch in this video.

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