Windows Phone 8 screen capture functionality confirm

Few days before I posted about this rumor here Windows Phone 8 including screen capture functionality (Rumor) . Now it was confirmed . Recently have been able to confirm the feature works as promised, with a click on the Start and Camera button. Pictures are stores in a Screenshots folder in the picture hub. This we can do in the emulator also, with the F2 key {Start/Window} and F7 {camera} keys. Here is this video

Appcelerator Titanium TableView with Custom Data and Search

Appcelerator Titanium
Appcelerator Titanium's TableView supports search by setting searchBar value to Ti.UI.searchBar . So, when we use this searchBar view it will automatically filter row which is having title with search content existing in that row title. For example our data is like this var data = [ {title:"Title" //this will search automatically }, {title:"Title" //this will search automatically }, : ]; or var row= Ti.UI.createTableViewRow({ title:"HERE TITLE" //It will search automatically });...

Windows Phone 8 including screen capture functionality (Rumor)

The next version of Windows Phone having lot of features. In that we already now few things which are officially announced check here few features which we already know is, 1) NFC 2) New Start screen 3) MicroSD Support 4) Multi-Core Chipsets 5) IE 10 and more for two days there are few rumors about Screen Capture in Windows Phone 8. If it is true it will be awesome. Because most of the users and developers and me waiting...