iOS 6 and HTML5 input type – File

Finally, it’s here. Now we can upload photos and videos from the Photo Library using a regular input file element. This was previously only possible via the use of Phonegap and other frameworks, in Native application. Previously, if we need file upload feature in our mobile web site, we need to go with native application. Because there is no support for file upload in iOS Safari Browser. Where in other hand Android support file upload from it V3.0 and Mobile Firefox 10.0 also support this ...

iOS 6 and iPhone 5 Smart App Banners for native app in Web site

iOS 6 (iPhone 5) comes with more HTML 5 features in this post I am going to explain about "how to brand your Native iOS application in your Web site" .  When iOS users open your web site in iPhone or iPad you will show some popups saying we have a native app for you and App store link to install your application. Apple made this process more easy  you no need to write more number of lines to brand you native application in your mobile web site. This feature will work from  iOS 6. it gives mor...

Visual Studio 2012 and .NET 4.5 Launch – 12-Sep-2012

Windows 8
Microsoft Announced Next version of Visual Studio 2012. In Beta itself it got 600,000+ downloads according to Microsoft. It is the Biggest thing for now. VS2012 is Favorite IDE forever, Because you write half code it will write half code for you ;) And here are the few screens for now [slideshow post_id="1383" width="600" height="350" caption="on"] I will come up with more updates soon You can also watch event here