Nokia and Microsoft’s Windows Phone 8 event Updates

Windows 8
Today (Sep 5th 2012 [Teachers Day in India]) Nokia announced next version 2 Lumia Phones with Windows Phone 8 OS and Microsoft showed few new thing about Win Phone 8 OS. Nokia bring Two Lumias with Name 820 and 920. I really like both devices. Few things about Lumia device, Pureview, City Len and HD+ and Wireless charger Please check with Images Below. Nokia Smart Shoot lens is very cool. Removes unwanted objects from images, such as people walking past the camera see in image below. [s...

Appcelerator Titanium Android Click to Auto Call

Appcelerator Titanium
Hi Everyone, I want to share the problem I faced today and the solution for that. Right now I'm developing an Android app and I had a requirement to make call by clicking a click to call button. The Problem here is we used Ti.Platform.openURL("tel:1234567"); to get into the Call dialer activity, but my Client want in the way of when the button is clicked the call should be made automatically for the given number. I used the following code on my button listener var intent = Ti.Android.creat...