Microsoft improves Windows Phone Dev Center with new features

Microsoft lead program manager wrote a blog post about new update of Windows Phone development center with tag line “we’re listening” . They added few new features which are listed below. Very useful and long waiting..

1) Canceling submissions

2) Rotating screenshots

3) Automatic screenshot resizing

Canceling Submissions : Previously, after you click on Submit button of app submission in Dev Center, we couldn’t edit it again until it had finished processing. Even though we realized that something needed to be changed or there was bug that we needed to address,  we have to wait until the app submission completed before you could address it.

But now we can see Cancel Submission button. check with below image

Windows Phone app cancel submission

Rotating screenshots : Sometimes users are uploading landscape screenshots in portrait mode. Now we have an option for rotating uploaded image. check this below snap

Windows phone screenshot rotating

Automatic screenshot resizing : For apps that support multiple screen resolutions, we can now choose to upload only screenshots with the highest resolution and let Dev Center automatically resize for others resolution. Just we need to click on check box. 🙂 Check this..

Windows Phone dev center Automatic screenshot resizing

Here are the user voice requested for new features,

Images credit & Source : Microsoft Windows Phone Blog

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