Apple october 22 Event Highlights new iPad Air, iPad Mini Retina,Macbook Pro & Free Mavericks OS

The most awaited event of the Apple probably the last event of the for this year has unveiled the whole lot of things. As rumors predicted and customers anticipated, Apple didn’t disappoint any of US with the event. We would like to see the innovative products from Apple, but we have only upgrades to the existing Products line up. Unlike the competitor’s Apple has kept his mission as simple as update and upgrade every single aspect of the product with out introducing newer once with slight configuration changes. We must appreciate Apple update policy which refreshes hardware and software every with frequent updates.

OS X Mavericks
OS X Mavericks – source

In this event Apple announced, below products
> iPad Air and Mini
> Macbook Air and pro
> Mac pro
> OS X Mavericks
> iWork and iLife (* Now free)
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