Make app more visible in App store or marketplace

In this post I am going to give few tips for bring more users to your mobile application. And I attached my power point presentation here. If you have few more point please update in below comments. I want to say my sincere thanks to friends who are all helped to create this PPT (Cherri and Viswa).

Make app more visible in App store
Make your app more visible in App store

There are few points we need to take care, you want more users to your app. Please check below

1) What is unique in your app?No idea is original. So, show some creativity in UX and UI and make it more user friendly.

2) Name of your app – Choose the best suitable and catchy name

3) App description – All marketplace we have option to add description. So, describe about your app short and sweet.

4) App keywords – Add alternative words for your application, which helps end users to find your app in search result.

5) App Category – Upload your application under suitable section.

6) Screenshots –  Upload your app screenshot to attract users. But not fake images

7) Social media – Try to integrate FB, TW and etc.. Social media makes your more popular

8) Ask for review and rating – After little use of your app, ask for rating it. but don’t promote again and again.

9) Use Analytics – Try to add Analytics service in your app to keep tracking your app usage and release updates based on those reports.

10) Localization and internationalization – You app will reach more people, if have internationalization in app

11) Post your app link in 3rd party website (like,,…..)

Check with power point..

[slideshare id=28645435&doc=makeappmorevisible-131126120107-phpapp01]

Please post your comments and suggestions below. Thank you.

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