Appcelerator Titanium TiCoverFlow Android Module

Coverflow view in iOS always looks awesome. But, we are missing same view in Titanium Android. Now with TiCoverFlow we can bring same look in Android app also. TiCoverFlow helps to create the coverflow view form  both local and remote images. Features and Benefits:  Support for both Local and Remote images Option to customize coverflow view Asynchronous loading and caching for remote images Click and Change event Here is the demo video F...

Titanium Locale Module for Both (Android and iOS)

Locale Titanium module
In this post I am going to introduce to Locale module. This module helps to force the phone language only in your application. And you can just follow same i18n folder with your locale strings XML files (For example :- "en" folder >  strings.xml ...). To load Locale module into your app, write below one line code. var locale = require("com.shareourideas.locale"); After loading you need to force locale in your application, just call setLocale method with language. locale.setLocale(...

Appcelerator Titanium with Alloy Framework

Appcelerator Titanium
In this post, I am going to tell about Appcelerator Titanium with Alloy Framework. I will also share my experience with Classic and Alloy Titanium Mobile app development with advantages and disadvantages. I wish to say thanks to my friends, who helped me with their reviews. About Me and Titanium experience: Let me start with my experience with wonderful cross platform mobile APP development framework “Titanium”. Before using this Ti framework I wrote code in C# (for Windows and ASP.NET...