Takecare of Passwords

Take care of your passwords in net cafe and shared PC

If you’re using public systems or went for net cafe for browsing, we must take care of your user names and password. We are mostly using Fire Fox browser. If you enter user name and password for any site, it will show the popup with remember password. Better not save the password. If you save the password, some other users we access your passwords. Then can view your password too, it is possible by using Fire Fox.

Try this steps, how we can view the user name and password.

1)    For example: – Go to gmail.com, then enter user name and password then click enters in Fire Fox.
2)    It will show the popup, if you didn’t save your password before.
3)    Then In Fire Fox go to Tools > Options….
4)    Yes, it will open on popup window. In that go to Security tab (Lock Icon).
5)     In that Tab panel you can see Saved Passwords button click on it.
6)    Again it will open another popup window with title Saved Passwords.
7)    Now There your can see what are the sites, you have saved the passwords.
8)    In that popup window you can see one option called Show Passwords button click on it.
9)    And see the magic; you can view all passwords you have saved before.
10)    Your next step, see there we have another button call Remove All click on it to erase all.

If it is personal system no problem we can use that future to save password. Otherwise do not save your password. The hackers may access your account, not only in that system. They will know the user name and password. So they can access from any where. And they my change you account details!, take care.
Best Solution for this is
When your went in to net cafe and your going to use Fire Fox. You must start “Start Private Browsing”.

How to Start Private Browsing?
1)    Open Fire Fox and click on Tools.
2)    Then you can use the Start Private Browsing Ctrl+Shift+P option click on it.
3)    So now, your browsing history won’t save.

Say thanks to Fire Fox.

Naga Harish.

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