Embed Windows Live Messenger in web page

msnim: command

How to use Windows Live Messenger (MSN) functions in web page?

Command list :-

Use this file command we can add, chat, voice and video chat too..

<a href=”msnim:chat?contact=[USERNAME]”>Contact us</a>  — To chat

<a href=”msnim:add?contact=[USERNAME]”>Add me</a> — Add to contact list

<a href=”msnim:voice?contact=[USERNAME]”>Voice chat</a>  — Strat voice chat

<a href=”msnim:video?contact=[USERNAME]”>Video conversation</a>    — Start Video conversation


[UserName] Replace with you email ID.

This protocol work like mailto: , if we specified href=”mailto:mail@mail.com” then. If the end use click on that like, it will open default mail window (OUTLOOK).

Like this using msgim: commands also automatically open the windows live messenger. *But we must install live messenger.


Naga Harish.

Embedded Skype and yahoo messages in website is also easy, Please check this below URLs



2 thoughts on “Embed Windows Live Messenger in web page

  1. Hi there, Thanks for a great website. I am having my website “doesfood.com” developed for use with Linux and have been looking for an add me button to skype, msn, FB and bbm.

    However I noticed 2 things about your comprehensive suggestions

    1. You are using .net calls
    2. The script opens the resulting IM service on the client.

    Can an ‘add me’ be executed on a site without opening the application skype, fb, msn on the client and does anything exist outside of the .net technology? ie jquery.

    Just to explain process a bit, the client goes to my website, clicks request a callback, select a method of callback (with preferred time of call) via bbm, msn, fb or skype, then inputs the their username. The system then adds the name to our msn, skype or fb and we can call or IM them at the requested time via the chosen service.

    Also do you know of anything out there that is working with bbm

    Many thanks


    1. Hi,
      Yes, we must install IM apps in our system. else those protocol won’t work in browser. for(skype: it is something like mailto:).
      And we no need to do any thing in server side code (ASP.NET).

      I sure, We can open IM according to user choose using javascript.
      for e.g:-
      window.location=”{service}:{action}?{querystring(s)}” — I hope it work in this way, not sure.

      Just try like this

      more you share, more you gain..!
      Naga Harish.

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