What features people like in Kentico CMS?

KenticoCMS taken interview about “The TOP features in Kentico CMS according it’s clients”.
They filmed at the Kentico Connection conference in Oct 2010.

Youtube Video :-

Most of them saying the best feature in kentico CMS is Portal Engine. Yes, it is.
This is one cool future in this cms. I too like this feature.

What is Portal Engine in Kentico CMS?
In this CMS we have two development models. Those are listed below
1) ASPX — (need the physical file)
2) Portal Engine — (no need physical file, it will render the page on fly | @ run time | It is Dynamic) And KenticoCMS mostly recommending this way of development of the site.

If you want to know more details about ASPX vs Portal Engine and where you need to use Portal Engine or ASPX, Please visite official site, here is the link http://devnet.kentico.com/Blogs/Martin-Hejtmanek/April-2009/ASPX-versus-Portal-Engine-developement-in-Kentico-.aspx
we can use Portal Engine pages in ASPX site and same like ASPX in Portal Engine.

Portal engine is render on fly we can make  page design, content adding changes in administrator side at any time. So, that’s the reason it became favorite feature in Kentico CMS.

But I am bit more crazy about import and export object in Kentico. The import and export object make deployment easier. We can develop Web site template or Widget or Doctype almost every object in Kentico CMS, we can easily export from our development system to server (Import there). It will take care of every thing. just we need to do few mouse clicks! 🙂

Check this video.. In this is video I am just exporting & importing web template (* here it is same system ;))


Enjoy while coding..!


Naga Harish.

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