Image Slider – Kentico CMS WebPart

Today we uploaded new image slider to kentico CMS market place. Free download, you can download from officially site.

Image slider kentico cms webpart

This web part displays images with slider effect. It also makes it easy to add images to the slider.
This web part can be added to the top of a page as a banner with some content.
The admin users only need to specify the images folder and the web part will automatically fetch images and content from this folder.

To see the whole process of installation and using the web part, watch the video at
you can download this webpart from here

Naga Harish.

8 thoughts on “Image Slider – Kentico CMS WebPart

  1. Harish,

    Is it possible to have Navigation Button (Previous, Next) and image link on click to open in new window with the link provided?

    I am trying to create a Image Slider with Navigation button and image link with some web site page in Kentico. Previously I was using jwpalyer as well as jquery.


    1. Hi Yash,
      Yes, we can do that by use some cool jQuery plugins and change kentico doctype transformation.
      Image link, in the sense of “Just open image in popup window or open given link in new window?”
      it seems, we have to open other link (not image source).


    1. First install Kentico CMS 5.5 R2 and install this webpart. Then you can see code file in the wwwrootKenticoCMS5.5 R2CMSWebPartsMediaLibrary imageSlider.ascx, imageSlider.ascx.cs and imageSlider folder copy those three items and paste in you Kentico CMS 5.5 same folder.

      Then In CMSSiteManager in developer tab go to webpart section in Kentico CMS 5.5 R2. Under Media Library folder you can see Image slider webpart use this as reference. Create new webpart in 5.5.

      Please try you best…, if any issues I will help you.


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