Windows Phone ManGo do better than other

Windows Phone Mango do more better with new features..

1.) Search (voice, music, visual, location search all integrated)
2.) Camera (fast boot, dedicated button, auto-sync to SkyDrive)
3.) Battery life management (New battery saver option in settings)
4.) Social networking calendar/status/photos (Facebook, twitter, Live, Linkedin integrated)
5.) Gaming (Xbox Live achievement points, friends list, games that don’t crash every 5 seconds)
6.) Subscription Music (Zune interface, unlimited music streaming and download)
7.) Video downloads (Buy once, play on Xbox/PC/Phone for free)
8.) Productivity (MS Office SkyDrive/365 integration)
9.) User Experience (Responsive smooth scrolling & zooming, attractive transitions and animations)
10.) HTML 5 hardware accelerated browser
11.) Voice commands (for launching apps and making phone calls)
12.) Speech to text
13.) Wifi syncing (music, photo, and videos)
14.) Keyboard (hit detection, auto-correction)
15.) Threaded messaging (combines txt, Facebook and IM)
16.) Task switching (card view snapshots are better than icons)

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