Windows 8 Consumer Preview Keyboard Shortcuts

We all now Microsoft come up with new OS called Window 8. It will run in PC and Tablets with metro style and classic windows view. on Feb 29th they released consumer Preview. It is having a lot of changes from developer preview. In that few are closing app by moving mouse/finger from Top of the screen to bottom. So, it will automatically close the app. If we want to see current running apps move mouse upper right top. it will display recent app. if we move our mouse little bit down it will list all current running apps. We can switch quickly from another apps.

Windows 8 Consumer Preview
Windows 8 Consumer Preview

Here is few Windows 8 Shortcut keys :-

Win Key : Switch between classic view to metro and metro to classic. It just work like toggle button.

Win Key + 1, Win Key + 2…. : It work same like in Windows 7, opens nth shortcut in the taskbar in classic.

Alt + F4 : To close open app and applications in Windows classic view and also metro

Win Key + B : Switch to the Windows desktop and select the tray notification area.

Win Key + C : Display Charms, time and notification overlay.

Win Key + D : Switch to the Windows desktop and toggle Show Desktop (hides/shows any applications and other windows).

Win Key + E : Switch to the Windows desktop and launch Windows Explorer with Computer view displayed.

Win Key + F : Display File Search pane. In classic view search files using the new Windows.

Win key + H : Display Share option of charm.

Win key + I : Display Settings option of charm.

Win key + J : Swaps foreground between the snapped and filled apps.

Win key + K : Display Connect option of charm.

Win key + L : Lock screen.

Win key + M : Minimize the current Explorer window.

Win key + O : Toggle orientation switching on slate and tablet PCs.

Win key + P : Display the new Project (for “projection”) pane for choosing between available displays.

Win key + Q : Search Apps using the new Search pane.

Win key + R : Switch to the Windows desktop and display the Run box, it same like Windows xp, 7 and ….

Win key + U : Switch to the Windows desktop and launch the Ease of Access Center.

Win key + V : Cycles through Notification toasts.

Win key + SHIFT + V : Cycles through Notification toasts in reverse order.

Win key + W : Display Settings Search pane.

Win key + X : Access the advanced context menu on the Start preview tip.

Win key + Z : Access the App Bar.

Win Key + Enter : Launches Narrator.

Win Key + Space bar : Switch input language and keyboard layout

Win Key + TAB : Cycle through apps in Switcher.

Win Key + Shift+ Tab : Cycle through apps in Switcher in reverse order.

Win Key + Ctrl + Tab : Cycle through apps, snapping them as you go.

Win Key + , : Peeks at the Windows desktop.

Win Key + . : Snaps application to the left.

Win Key + Shift + . : Snaps application to the right.

Win Key + PGUP  : Moves the Start screen to the display on the left.

Win Key + PGDN : Moves the Start screen to the display on the right.

Win Key + Arrow Keys : Aero Snap

Win Key + + : Screen Zoom in (open Magnifer)

Win Key + – : Screen Zoom out (Magnifer)

other Cut, Copy, Paste and other thing like undo redo will work as it is.

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