Mobile Website – Web is in Pocket

1. Why we need Mobile Web site?
•Now a days most of them using phone.
•Almost every phone having web browser in it. Not only smart phones.
•Mobile is just like Pocket PC, Wherever you go.
•Most of them accessing web, while in traveling.

2. Smart phone going to Kill PC? Smart Phone usageBy 2015, one billion people going to use cell phone or smart phone to access web

3. How Smartphone owners using they devices?

Time killer (Game), Social media, Video streaming, Chat, Task reminders, WEB Access, Reading e-Book and News.

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4. Leading Smart Phone OSs
Android, Apple iOS, Symbian, BlackBerry, Windows Phone, webOS and bada
5. So What?
•Every site owner want Mobile version to boost their business.
•Now a days, most of the CMS comes with pretty simple mobile version for that web.
•For Example Drupal, WordPress and so on.

6. Mobile Site – need keep in mind?
•Mobile user != Desktop user.. Try to optimize content and navigation.
•Keep It Simple, Just few touches to access data. Plan Your Site Layout in great way.
•Don’t Use a Lot of Images. Try to optimize for small screens.
•Bring same Branding look to Mobile version.• Reduce the Amount of Text inputs.

7.  Mobile Site – need keep in mind?
•Keep in mind about mobile user’s data usage
– Smaller content transfers fast…
– Larger content is more $
•Use Mobile Redirects and Allow People to Visit the Full Site.
•Design It for Multiple smart phones.
•Look at other Great Mobile Sites

8. What Developers Can Do?
•Reduce the amount of using padding and margin. Because screen is very small. Utilize White Space.
•Try to take full advantage of HTML5 and CSS3.
•Try to apply HTMl5 input types attributes for text boxes.
•Use view port, typically (most of the smart phones like this meta tag): – <meta name=”viewport” content=”width=device-width;initial- scale=1.0;minimum-scale=0.5;maximum-scale=2.0;user-scalable=1;” />
•Don’t Use Pop-Ups or Open New Windows

9.  What Developers Can Do?
•Try to use protocols to open native apps.
•For Example :- Tel:200XXXXXXX
•Keep away from Flash, Java and Sliverlight.
•Test, Test, Test (Try to use PC browsers to test your mobile web site)

10. Growth Site users Business
Why I need to have mobile website instead ofmobile app?
Most of them won’t install apps at all the time.
A research says 15-20 apps installed by smartphone a user per year.

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