Appcelerator Titanium Alloy Framework

Today in my company we had Internal Presentation about Alloy. Today’s man is Titanium rock star Mr.Karthi author of

“Alloy is the new Appcelerator framework designed to jump-start and quicken the building of quality Titanium applications”                   – appcelerator

In personal, I like Alloy very much. It is really interesting. It makes easy for Web developers and Android developers to create crossplatform mobile application. We can now create views in XML(view) which be controlled by controller (.JS file) and we can also apply styles using .TSS (something like .JSS in Titanium).

[slideshare id=14200983&doc=alloy1-120907044800-phpapp01&w=670&h=530]

To start developing applications using Alloy we need to install Titianium Studio, Node.JS and then run this command

$sudo npm install alloy -g

Now create Mobile project in Titanium Studio just like normal. Now go to the folder in Terminal and run this command

alloy new

It will create a folder call App outside Resource folder. To know more about this Alloy framework please check with this link
Thanks to Karthi for sharing about Alloy.
I <3 Alloy

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