Review of the prototype Firefox OS Simulator

Today I tried with Firefox OS Simulator, recently Announced prototype Firefox OS Simulator

Firefox few features and Screens:

Welcome or lock screen : We can see notifications in the screen and it has indication move left or right. If we move left it will show Camera or right just unlock it.

Apps Screen : Mostly all apps are rounded. We can arrange apps just like iOS (Tap and hold) will show uninstall and move screens.

Marketplace : This is really looks cool. we can select one category to see those apps. we can also search for app. We have list view and also detail view. In detail view it will show preview image.

App Switching : Tap and hold home button for few seconds. It will show all apps we can move left and right, and select images.

Firefox browser : We have Firefox browser in it.

Maps App : Nokia maps as default maps it seems

Calendar app : It is very very good. We can have Today, Month, Week and Day filter.

Dial screen : This is really pretty nice look screen simple and super.

Settings screen : Just like other mobile OS settings.

Email composer : Same like other smart OS, we can configure Hotmail, Gmail and other.

Alarm app : Here is the alarm setting screen. Good right and easy one.

Over all experience I like Firefox OS very much. But, only few issues I found but is it simulator. When I open image uploader app it shows file listing same like FTP. 🙁

And When I open market place it takes sometime to open and css not loaded for few seconds. 🙁


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